Wednesday, June 20, 2012

steaked out

We loaded up on meat in Darwin.

Steaks, lamb, pork.

* Choon's lamb

Inspired, KK dreamt of making the perfect steak in-house. He watched Gordon Ramsey, he watched Jamie Oliver, he put them together and rehearsed in his mind the steak steps.

First off, like most men would, he spent a bomb on a load of kitchen weaponry to prepare for the steak coronation.

He bought a pepper mill, steak knives, nice forks, tongs, all from horribly expensive WMF. Of course I already have all these things in our kitchen. He only wants better ones.

* In the back, my humble pepper next to the great silver WMF mill

See, he needs great equipment to make great food.

Then he asked me to buy inch-thick steak. Oh boy. Knowing him, I buy a terrific cut of beef, thickest slab I see. $22 for two pieces.

Straight home after cycling, sweat still running down his face, he launches into his steak cook-out. Kids are all hyped up. It’s a big event with a whole lot of build-up.

Day is the kitchen hand. Both boys had read up and watched the videos together.


There’s a timer on the counter. There is a lot of palm-pressing which is apparently a springy indicator of how the steak should feel. KK pokes the steaks with his finger. Day flogs the steaks with a stick of rosemary. KK rests the steak.

He cuts it. We collectively ooh and ah. It’s quite, perfectly, medium-rare and so juicy.


It’s gorgeous.

Four of us fight for steak. Lulu is not a steak fan.

KK concludes: We can do perfect steaks at home. And Ramsay is better than Oliver.



Anonymous said...

Looks good. Nice piece of scotch fillet. The jersey looks good too. Jun

Sher said...

oooh the jersey has been put to good use. mebbe kheng cook for u when ur here. his gordon ramsay steak.

i did the mash and veg. i must claim credit. cheh.

Dee.. said...

Yum. The steak looks so juicy and well prepared!