Saturday, September 28, 2013


There’s a trampoline park in Singapore. It's called Amped. It's at Tanjong Katong Road.

About fifty trampolines are laid out like a patchwork quilt in a huge, muggy 5,000 square-foot 2nd floor space on top of a grimy coffeeshop with dodgy toilets (don't drink too much water).

* Look out for Tao Kwa Pau / Duck Rice. Trampolines are right on top of it

Pop music blares from speakers and giant fans whirr uselessly as up to 25 sweaty jumpers at a time, from toddlers in arms (their mothers carry them and make tiny jumps) to twirling gymnasts to pot-bellied oldies, bounce off the walls.

* Black leather sofas at the viewing gallery for the sedentary

It is a fabulous space.

So fabulous that people who turn up at the door often have to be turned away as the online bookings stretch out for days at a time, so fabulous that Day, Jo and Lu never want to stop jumping.

Their shirts are sweat-soaked 10 minutes in.

Cost: Between $9 to $15 an hour per person (cheapest on Mondays and priciest on weekends) inclusive of one free bottle of cold mineral water.

For Day, the reckless one who wants to parkour, it’s heaven. Front flips, back flips, scaling walls.

* Day at top right launching into a back flip

For Jo and Lu, its bounce, bounce, bounce and striding across the trampolines, trailing arms and hair as they imagine themselves little fairies.

For me, it’s fun exercise heaven. The first jump I am taken by surprise at how high I go and how strong I feel.

* Lu (blur), Jo and KK stretching after the sprain. Too little too late...

For KK, it’s danger. Once again thinking he is 22 even though he is 42, he gleefully does front flip after front flip together with Day, heavy belly and all, and on the last one he lands on the back of his neck. He can barely turn his head. He limps over and begs me take over the rest of the hour we paid for. (yes it’s allowed)

* Day's front flip, the move which killed KK's neck

Koyoks and massaging are of limited help and two weeks later, he still has a stiff neck.

Safety? It’s all about personal responsibility and that waiver we sign at the start.

May everyone on those trampolines continue to be well and healthy, so we can continue to enjoy jumping without limits.


Lysithea said...

This really looks fun. I'm definitely bringing my kids there! Even showed them the video of your boy doing his flip. Got my kids all excited now :)

Sher said...

u must book online. dont just drop in. chances of getting a slot are low. so many pp turned away at the door.

google it, go to website and book.

June said...

OMG this looks super duper fun! Will definitely bring my boys. Thanks for the important info - dodgy toilets and lack of air-con, hehe.